Monday, October 27, 2008

T & P - the friendship continues...

Apparently I'm a bad kitty mommy too. I know this because my cat is so desperate to be brushed she is willing to have my 18 month old child brush her. And T takes her job very seriously.

Now, I grabbed the camera a little late but the video below gives you the general jist. Phenix as always is a good sport. In the video, you hear T say "Me!" "Me!", that's T speak for "P!" "P!". I often refer to Phenix as Miss P (with that cat's attitude - yes she's a diva, you have to call her Miss).

T confuses her P's for her M's. Every time she sees or hears a plane when we are outside, she hollers "Mane!" "Mane!" and points. You have to give the kid credit, she's trying really hard to make her point known. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it? Let's just say, she doesn't get that from her dad.

What you don't see is that shortly before I got the camera, Gryffin arrived on the scene, expecting to get brushed before Phenix as he thinks he is numero uno on the brushing roster. If only I could have captured the utter contempt in his eyes when he saw that T was doing the brushing. It was a "Ah, how could you let HER have the brush? The audacity!" It was truly priceless.

I have added this video as it is completely gratuitous but its funny. T has found her tent a new during play time and apparently so have the cats.

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