Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My big girl on her first day!

Someone started her first day of kindergarten yesterday!

It went well. Based on what I could surmise, there might have been some busing hiccups (her bus drops off at her school and another one right next door so I'm not sure if she got off too early) but she made it home and she had fun.

She had gym class (her gym teacher is a boy like R and Daddy). She has two friends but can't remember their names. And her teacher is a little bit old (this was her comment upon meeting her teacher at the open house last week).

She was a little shell shocked when she got off the bus. Apparently she took a wee nap on the way home and there was three kids in her seat on the bus. The school lets out shortly before 4pm and she didn't get home until 5:15pm!

They warned us that the buses would run late both for pickup and drop off because of the need to learn faces and buses.

She has today off (they stagger the kindergarten start) and tomorrow is the first day of the rest of her kindergarten career! Now, if only R will keep taking naps....!

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