Saturday, November 5, 2011

I felt the earth move under my feet....


About five minutes ago, we had what I think was an aftershock from the 3 minor earthquakes that occurred near OK City this morning. There was a bit of rumbling. S was in the basement and I doubt he even felt anything. I know I felt something sitting at the kitchen table.

It started slowly, I thought it was just the wind, then it got a little more vibrating, the cupboard doors rocked a bit but not strong enough to knock anything down. I had just finished up putting up Round 1 of the Christmas decorations and none of them fell from their precarious perches so it wasn't too bad.

I know I'm not crazy because I checked out Facebook immediately (because isn't that what we all do in a crisis?) and a few friends (who like me are spending an evening in front of the PC and the Tube) commented about feeling the tremors.

Oh well, I can cross experiencing an earthquake off my bucket list if I had one!

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