Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My growing boy!

Its all how you look at it.

Yes, my kids are small. I accepted that months ago. The medical community still seem to expect my children to be huge. Neither of them started off that way so why should be now?

Doctors seem to want kids to be in the higher percentiles until they start school. Then after that if they continue to be bigger than average, they are overweight. Seriously? I give up.

R had his 4 month well baby visit. Yes, technically he is 5 months old as of today at 9pm, however he was 5 weeks early. I like to think of him more as 4 months old than 5. He's pretty close to where T was developmentally at 5 months but I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

He weighted in at 14lbs. That's nearly triple his birth weight. Triple! But that didn't stop the doctor (whom I do adore) from joking that he's still quite small. He was 5 lbs when he was born, that's 9 lbs in 5 months! He weighs nearly half of T for pete's sake! I'm beyond thrilled! He wears 3-6 month clothes! Yay! Scoff if you want but I'm over the moon.

Sure, he's short. So is T. He has a big head like T did. Most of the boys in T's preschool who are her age are not much taller than she is!

As for his kidney condition, we will get it rescanned in December and see if he is any better, worse or the same. For now we will stick with his preventative meds and keep feeding him. Age and growth often helps to lessen the inflammation. There is usually a vein that is pushing the uter out of the proper position which causes the inflammation so growth helps to straighten things out. The meds just help protect against any kidney infections that might develop because of hydronephrosis.

I will send out a post and maybe a video or two this afternoon if I get a chance. I got T to do some little videos explaining her crafts from class. They are uber cute.

Must run, his royal fussiness wants to eat!

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