Monday, November 2, 2009

Papa's Pumpkin Patch

So that last couple of years, we have gone to a 'pumpkin patch' that really isn't a patch. Its more so a field with pumpkin headed scarecrows posed in vignettes and you pick a pumpkin from a cardboard box. Not so much what we've been looking for.

This year, based on a friend's FaceBook recommendation, we drove north to Papa's Pumpkin Patch . We were cautiously optimistic as we turned down the dirt road. We had used our navigation system in the truck to find the place so we were hopeful we had found the right place.

We have had early hard frosts this year and a lot of rain, two things that aren't so good for pumpkins. Upon arrival, we noticed a large slide (T's eyes got really big at the sight of the slide) and were greeted by one of the staff. They gave us a brief description of the patch and its many activities. T just wanted to go back to the slide but we carried on to the patches.

The first patch was rather picked over and had suffered quite a bit of damage from the frost and rain. So off we made our way to the second large field. Success! We also got T a T sized pumpkin. Next time we will take the wagon as the ground was quite mucky and the pumpkins were quite heavy.

After we paid for our bounty, off we went to the slide. It was a very bright and windy day so it made for difficult pictures. I only wish my video had turned out better. T squealed gleefully every time she went down the slide. We tried to get a shot with her and S in front of a display but she was not having any of it. She threw a fit and cried the whole time because she wanted to go back to the slide.

Stay tuned for the Great Pumpkin Carving adventure!


Dad and T attempt the slide

Insert squealing here


I don't want my picture taken, I want to slide!

A little pumpkin, just for T

What about this one?


Too many choices...

Off to the patch...but the slide is the other way, Dad?

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