Saturday, November 1, 2008

A few more photos of Hallowe'en 2008!

Just a reminder of Hallowe'en 2007 - how things have changed in a year!

This shot was taken in low light so not a clear picture but it was too cute not to include!

The whole gang (pre sugar rush)!

All ready!

Patiently waiting the excitement with her Elmo treat bucket!

Steph pulling the girls to our first stop, the cul dec sac across the street!

Steph getting Sophie ready!

Talia, pre hair intervention, looking rather like a pyscho kitty!

All in all, I think the night was a little too anti-climatic for Talia. She was still a little tired from her short nap in the afternoon. She finally got the hang of trick or treating by watching Sophie. She would go up to the door with Sophie, often forgeting her Elmo bucket - Mom followed close behind with it though, and stood there while people oo-ed and ah-ed at her cuteness. Maybe next year she will be more interested.
Forget the sugar high, she just wanted the Doritos and Cheetos we were giving out at home. She is a chip monster - she gets that from her dad.

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