Monday, July 28, 2008

Phenix and Talia - Reluctant friends

Phenix and Talia have always been "reluctant friends". Phenix is tolerable of Talia because she knows that she can get exclusive access to Mommy (me) because our other cat Gryffin doesn't like being near Talia (she moves too fast, isn't gentle and well, he's just plain jealous of her). This has allowed Phenix lots of Mommy time since Talia was born.

But as always there's a hitch in the plan. Talia is now very mobile and wants to be closer friends which impinges on Phenix's personal space. We've tried teaching Talia not to pull hair and whiskers but those lessons have fallen on deaf ears. While Talia can be very gentle at times, those times are fleeting and the hair pulling and face poking is the main method that Talia shows her love for Phenix.

In all fairness to Phenix, she does very well not to swat at Talia or injure her which I think I'd having a hard time blaming her for given some of the "love taps" Talia has a habit of doling out. Phenix has taken a couple of bats at Talia from the saftey of her perch on the living room couch. She also gives Talia those looks that you just know would do harm if they could. You know the ones I mean, something like "Just wait until I get you alone..." as she sharpens her claws.

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