Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling..

Well, while I have not successfully rolled over by myself, I am the queen of scootching around my bed. I have also been improving my fine motor skills by grasping and grabbing at everything that comes into my view; Mom's glasses, my toys, my dresses etc. Its really handy since Mom hangs up my clothes right above where I get changed. I keep my hands busy by grabbing everything in sight. Next, I plan to pull the hooks off the hangers..he he.

My greatest accomplishment is laughing. Mom can get me laughing on cue! She says its quite priceless! If only I could understand what that means. Oh well, I will in another month or so I am sure!

Mom took me out for lunch today with the ladies and did I attract attention. I played shy, but several granny types stopped to admire me. They said I will be a looker when I'm older. I kept busy by checking out the place. Mom says I'm a Nosy Parker, somehow I don't think that's my name.

l8r gator,

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lyndasav said...

Hi Talia! I've been reading your blog and looked at all your photos and watched all your videos; now that I'm addicted to you, you stop writing???